Our mission is to connect people through coffee. We are a specialty coffee roaster and coffee shop here in Travelers Rest, SC. 

    For wholesale customers, we offer bulk and retail coffee bags, as well as private labeled bags for businesses and fundraisers who want to develop their own unique coffee blend while displaying their organization's logo and message.

    Our coffee is available through our online store, or from many cafe and retail shops across the United States. Click here to see a list of local vendors.


    So as we have heard South Carolina has opened indoor seating for restaurants. We have thought it over and looked at our layout and as much as we would LOVE to have the cafe open we believe that for us the safest thing for staff and customers is to keep the cafe closed for now. People come first and we don't want to risk the safety of people over maybe a little more revenue with indoor seating. We look forward to the day where we can have the
    cafe open and hold conversations around the bar once again. but for now, we think it the wisest thing as a business is to only have outdoor seating at this time. To-go orders and mobile ordering with @cloosiv with curbside pickup is still going strong. Thank you for your guy's understanding and constant support. We will be adding even more new outdoor seating and building some things as well in the near future. So keep an eye out. Stay safe 💛 - Love, the LFC Crew